Complete Home Moonshine Whiskey Alcohol Still Distiller Kit

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Complete Home Moonshine Whiskey Alcohol Still Distiller Kit

Creat your very own tasty alcohol with the help of our premium moonshine still. This whiskey still comes with most of the tools that you need to brew and distill a large batch of alcohol.

moonshine still for sale

The beauty of having the moonshine distiller is that you can use any type of fruit or grain to create your own alcohol. In fact, you can create your very own unique mix with the home distiller, bottle it up, and share it with others.

Complete with a large pot, tubes, and a decanter, the alcohol still purifies liquids to create smooth and tasty alcohol. Not only that, but the alcohol distiller can also help you distill water, make non-alcoholic drinks, or even beauty-related ingredients.

whiskey still for sale

Best part of all, the moonshine still kit is perfect for both beginner and experienced individuals. Create your own alcohol at home with the home distilling kit.


  • Multipurpose Still: Our premium moonshine kit can be used to create more than just alcoholic drinks. This liquor still is also useful in purifying all types of liquids for home, medical, and beauty uses.
  • Food Grade: Each component of the moonshine still is made with heavy-duty materials that are safe to use when creating drinks. Even when being heated up, the whiskey still does not bleed toxins or chemicals.
  • Durable Material: The moonshine distiller is made with stainless steel parts that are durable enough to withstand extreme heat. This way, you can create all types of alcohol and spirits with the home distiller for years.


  • Capacity: 10L/2(US Gal),12L/3(US Gal), 20L/ 5(US Gal), 30L/ 8(US Gal)
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • 10L input quantity: Max. 2kg rice/ flower
  • 10L output quantity: 1.5kg for alcohol content of 50%, 1.5kg hydrolate
  • 12L input quantity: Max. 2.5kg rice/ flower
  • 12L output quantity: 2kg for alcohol content of 50%, 2kg hydrolate
  • 20L input quantity: Max. 5kg rice/ flower
  • 20L output quantity: 4kg for alcohol content of 50%, 4kg hydrolate
  • 30L input quantity: Max. 7.5kg rice/ flower
  • 30L output quantity: 6kg for alcohol content of 50%, 6kg hydrolate


  • 1x Alcohol Still


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