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Dosmono Mini™ - Offline Translator
Dosmono Mini™ - Offline Translator
Dosmono Mini™ - Offline Translator - Merchandise Plug

Dosmono Mini™ - Offline Translator

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Do you LOVE to travel, but aren't fluent in any foreign languages? It can be a struggle ordering food or asking for directions in a different country if you don't know their language. That is why we decided to manufacture the Dosmono Mini™ Offline Translator. The Dosmono Mini™ offline language translator is a personal interpreter that fits in your pocket!

The Dosmono Mini™ is the best offline translator and the only translator you will need while traveling. The voice translator supports two-way online and offline translation and has high fidelity speakers so you can hear and communicate with other people effectively. Not only does it translate 8 languages offline and 72 languages online, but it also has 97% speech recognition accuracy and translates within 1 second!

Do yourself a favor and use our offline language translator to travel effortlessly in foreign countries. Let it do the translating for you so you can enjoy your trip and live in the moment. The Dosmono Mini™ is the ultimate travel tool that will improve your travel experience and lead to great memories! Click Buy It Now to order yours now.


  • Offline Translation: Our Dosmono Mini™ - Offline Translator allows you to translate anytime, anywhere without wi-fi or cellular data for 8 different languages!
  • Translates Both Ways: ALL Supported Languages are interchangeable. 
  • Compact Design: Very easy to use, portable for everyday use. Easily fits in your pocket or wallet for some translation on the go!
  • Saves Time & Money: You no longer have to worry about learning a new language before traveling to a new country.
  • High Fidelity Loudspeakers: So you can hear and communicate with other people effectively.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Up to 8 hours of use. 


    • 1 x Translator
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual

      HOW TO USE:

        • Offline Translation: Supports offline translation of 8 languages.
          • Chinese
          • English
          • Spanish
          • French
          • German
          • Russian
          • Japanese
          • Korean
        • Online Translation: Supports online translation of 72 languages.
          • Armenian (Armenia)
          • Indonesian (Indonesia)
          • Bengali (Bangladesh)
          • Czech (Czech Republic)
          • Danish (Denmark)
          • German (Germany)
          • Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Bolivia), Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Peru)
          • French (France)
          • Croatian (Croatian)
          • Icelandic (Icelandic)
          • Italian (Italian)
          • Khmer (Cambodia)
          • Latvian (Latvian)
          • Hungarian (Hungarian)
          • Dutch (Netherlands)
          • Nepali (Nepal)
          • Norwegian Bokmal (Norway)
          • Polish (Poland)
          • Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal)
          • Romanian (Romanian)
          • Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
          • Slovak (Slovakia)
          • Slovenian (Slovenia)
          • Finnish (Finland)
          • Swedish (Swedish)
          • Tamil (India)
          • Vietnamese (Vietnamese)
          • Turkish (Turkish)
          • Greek (Greece)
          • Bulgaria (Bulgonia)
          • Russian (Russia)
          • Serbian (Serbia)
          • Ukrainian (Ukraine)
          • Heber Language (Israel)
          • Arabic (Israel), Arabic (Jordan), Arabic (United Arab Emirates), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (Iraq), Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Oman), Arabic Language (Lebanon), Arabic (Tunisia), Arabic (Qatar), Arabic (Kuwait)
          • English (Kenya), English (Nigeria), English (Tanzania)
          • Hindi (India)
          • Tamil (Sri Lanka), Tamil (Malaysia)
          • Swahili (Tanzania), Swahili (Kenya)
          • Thai (Thailand)
          • Korean (South Korea)
          • Cantonese (Hong Kong, China), Chinese (China)
          • Japanese (Japan)

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