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Ice Barrel Cold Plunge Therapy Tub

Ice Barrel Cold Plunge Therapy Tub

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Ice Barrel Cold Plunge Therapy Tub

Ice Barrel is a cold therapy training tool that offers an easy way to bring ice baths to your routine. With a lightweight design and functional features, Ice Barrel is portable, durable, compact, and looks cool!

We’ve designed our product to fit most body types, while also allowing you to sit in an upright position, which helps the body and mind to focus and relax.

Using Ice Barrel is simple: fill with water and ice, then take a plunge to reach new heights mentally, emotionally, and physically.


  • Holds 105 gallons of water
  • Easy-to-Use Drainage System
  • 42” high by 31” wide opening 25” wide
  • Made in Ohio, USA / recycled materials
  • 55lbs Еmpty, 750lbs when fill with 80gls
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Ice Barrel includes everything you need for a life-changing experience.
  • Barrel + Lid
  • Barrel Stand
  • Protective UV Cover
  • Step Stool
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