About Us

Grab your favorite glass of wine and take a seat. This is a story you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Our story began on a brisk winter evening when our founder was sipping his favorite red wine scrolling on his phone looking for a warm coat for his pup. He wasn’t finding anything to his liking. Sizes and colors all outta stock. Thinking to himself did I wait too long? No that’s not possible. He’s getting more and more annoyed. But the wine is going down easier.

About ready to throw in the towel. Site after site, page after page. Still NOTHING and more annoyed. The founder says” Why isn’t there a site for my two favorite things in life?” We all know what those two favorite things are, wine and his puppy of course! Who else can relate? I mean I know I can!

After messing around with domain names and seeing what was available the perfect name was curated Merchandise Plug! Not specific to wine or pets because we appeal to either or both! We are your “plug” for your drinking and pets needs. Gift a pet lover, wine lover or yourself!

There you have it how Merchandise Plug was born in 2018! It’s not a crazy story but it’s real!


Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at support@merchandiseplug.com

Happy shopping!

The Merchandise Plug Team