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Compact Handheld Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Compact Handheld Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

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Compact Handheld Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Exploring what the world has to offer is great and all but not without a nice shower! You could be hiking all day or driving around for days needing a shower.


This is why this camping shower is a key component to have with you. This portable shower for camping will draw its water straight from a bucket or sink. It’s great for a quick shower when on the go.

If you have to wash a child or pet there is a suction cup and an s-styling hanging system to have a hands-free shower. This battery-powered camper shower is just what an adventurous person needs!

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This portable outdoor shower can be used on the road, hiking, or camping. It’s the perfect outdoor camping shower for someone who loves to explore and whose always on the go! Enjoy a shower on the go without being home.


  • Hands-free: Having a hands-free shower is great so you don’t have to constantly hold onto the shower head just to get yourself clean. The camping shower comes with a suction come and an s-styling hanging system to allow a hands free shower.
  • Gentle: The stream from the portable shower for camping is a gentle .66 gal/ minute that offers the ideal pressure. It will be comfortable for you, your child or pet to shower under.
  • Rechargeable: This camper shower can be charged with an USB that’s included. It can be plugged into a laptop or a 12-volt car adapter. In which it provides up to a 60 minute use just on a single 2- to 5-hour charge.


  • 1x Portable Outdoor Shower

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