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Heated Car Seat Cushion Warmer Cover Pad

Heated Car Seat Cushion Warmer Cover Pad

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Heated Car Seat Cushion Warmer Cover Pad

You love your vehicle now, wait until you have car heated seat in your vehicle. When driving in the cold weather having a nice warm seat is always an added bonus. Not all vehicles come with heated seats, unfortunately.

car seat warmer cover

With heated seat covers in your vehicle, you will have the same warmth and comfort. This heated car seat cover will give your vehicle a revamp for the winter weather so you can have a warm back and bottom while driving!

Our heated car seat cover is made to be light so you can transport it from vehicle to vehicle if needed to be. They plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter and once plugged in it will automatically heat up to 122° Fahrenheit. 

car seat warmer cover

There is also a 45-minute timer on this car seat warmer so that if you don’t shut it off after driving it will automatically shut off. Change the temperature from low, medium, and high any time you want!


  • Universal: Our car seat heater pad is made to fit into all different sizes of cars, SUVs, RV’s, and trucks. It’s so versatile that if you really wanted to you could use it at home or in your office.
  • Easy To Setup: All you have to do is plug in the heated car seat cushion into your vehicle's 12 volts DC. After that adjust the temperature to your preference. 
  • Secure: The car heated seat has black elastic straps that slide over almost any seat. Additionally, it also has other straps on the bottom of the cushion with included hooks to secure the cushion to the bottom of your seat.


  • Size: 37" (H) x 18" (W)

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