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Battery Operated Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Battery Operated Handheld Electric Milk Frother

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Battery Operated Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Say hello to our premium milk frother! Have you been dreaming about the creamiest milk on top of your coffee drinks? This gadget will bring you to your inner barista status.

best milk frother

Customize your cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, or teas. Using this frother doesn’t end with just coffee drinks, you can use it to whisk eggs, blend your protein shakes, mix homemade salad dressings, make small batches of whip cream, etc.

With a manual frother, milk isn’t broken down by steam in which there is a denser more flavorful foam. This electric milk frother is very lightweight and easy to use by anyone. You’ll be whipping up creamy froth, protein shakes, etc. in seconds.

best milk frother

The benefits of having your own electric drink whisk mixer are endless. Make your drink the way you want and skip the wait at your go-to coffee shop.


  • Easy To Clean & Store: Cleanup for this milk foamer is fast. To clean it just put the whisk under hot running water and briefly turn it on. Boom, instantly clean! Since our handheld milk frother is slim and small plus being lightweight you can store it on your coffee next to your coffee maker or espresso machine or just store it in a cabinet.
  • Versatile: This handheld frother can be used on milk, creamer, half and half, eggs, protein powder, matcha powder, or other dairy products. There is no longer a need to take out your bulky blender for mixing!
  • Powerful: Running on 2 AA batteries. At the touch of a button, this hand frother can whip up froth in 15 seconds! This electric frother has a battery life of 6hrs.


  • 1x Cold Foam Maker

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