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Exclusive Compact Electronic Game Room Dart Board Cabinet Set

Exclusive Compact Electronic Game Room Dart Board Cabinet Set

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Exclusive Compact Electronic Game Room Dart Board Cabinet Set

Light up your man cave and host more fun game nights with this cool and modern dart board. This dartboard is a complete set which includes a scoring LCD display, and 12 soft-tip darts.

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This electronic dart board provides a 13.5 inch target area and 27 other games with 216 exciting variations. It is battery operated and features its own dartboard cabinet for easy storage of accessories.

Bring it anywhere! Its portability provides comfort during travel to enjoy outdoor dartboard games with friends and family. The electronic dart board cabinet gives an allowance to have 1-8 players joining all at once.

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Its battery saving mode turns the dart board into sleeping mode if there is no action for 10 minutes and will automatically light up once a dart is thrown directly. The dartboard gives out great visual, voice and sound effects and LCD display with convenient cricket scoring throughout each game.


  • Easy To Use: The electronic dart board is a plug and play item, use a 44-AA battery in case of outdoor use. Easy storage of darts and other accessories in the dartboard cabinet.
  • Variation and Effects: Play with up to 8 players and enjoy 27 other games with the outdoor dartboard. The electronic dart board cabinet is designed with visual and sound effects to keep the game fun and interesting.
  • Durable Build: Dart board with a heavy-duty plastic cabinet cover. And, dartboard thickness of 21.5" L x 19" W x 2" for long term use.


  • Dimensions: 21.5" L x 19" W x 2" Thickness
  • Material: ABS+PP
  • Dart number: 12
  • Number of Games: 27
  • Number of Players: 1-8
  • Target Area: 13.5 in.


  • 1x Electronic Dart Board
  • 12x soft tip darts
  • 12x Replacement soft tips
  • 1x Adaptor
  • 1x instruction
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