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Large Tabletop Home Kitchen Pancake Griddle Maker Machine 24"

Large Tabletop Home Kitchen Pancake Griddle Maker Machine 24"

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Large Tabletop Home Kitchen Pancake Griddle Maker Machine 24"

Looking for a pancake maker perfect for indoor and outdoor grilling? Our premium pancake griddle is built to cook a variety of your favorite afternoon meals.

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Our mini pancake maker saves you a lot of time from cooking with its wonderful spacious flat surface that makes manipulation with a spatula a breeze.  Not only that, this pancake pan is designed to efficiently and evenly warm throughout its surface.

Integrated with a temperature dial, this automatic pancake maker gives you precise control of its heating capacity.  This brilliant incorporation is easily powered by a 1500-watt heating system when plugged in.

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Best part of all, our pancake maker machine is made with a high-quality Teflon coating making it waterproof and durable. Cook with confidence using our pancake machine which is free from harmful chemical coatings.


  • Non-Stick Pan: With its titanium ceramic coating, this electric pancake griddle has permanent protection from abrasions and scratches. This pancake cooker is also easy to clean and has an incredible adhesive strength preventing oil pops.
  • Warming Tray: Transferring cooked meals on a plate can be messy and become cold. Conveniently, this pancake skillet has a built-in warm tray where you can rest and keep food warm.
  • Portable Size: Our pancake grill is easily transported anywhere. This automatic pancake machine is perfect for camping trips, and even picnics.


  • Power Source:¬†Electric¬†
  • Color:¬†Black
  • Item Height:¬†3 in¬†
  • Item Width:¬†22 in
  • Item Diameter:¬†12 in
  • Material:¬†Ceramic¬†
  • Power:¬†1500 W


  • 1x¬†Mini Pancake Pan
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