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Large Telescoping Aluminum Roof Snow Remover Rake Shovel 20FT

Large Telescoping Aluminum Roof Snow Remover Rake Shovel 20FT

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Large Telescoping Aluminum Roof Snow Remover Rake Shovel 20FT

Clear out thick snow from your roof with the help of our handy 20-foot snow roof rake. This extendable 21-foot roof rake has a sizable aluminum blade that is manufactured with rubberized material, making it safe: you won't need to worry about beng injured while using this snow moval tool

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With this extendable roof rake for snow, you can achieve a successful clean up in less time and effort. This reliable extendable snow removal system has a 25 inch aluminum sweeper that allows you to glide snow smoothly from your roof to the ground.

This wide-range roof snow remover can easily reach the rooftop, ensuring your house stays warm and cozy during cold winter months. Never worry about structural damage on your roof caused by heavy loads of snow.

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Better yet, the roof rake is made of a lightweight aluminum material that can easily be handled and mounted on the roof. Moreover, the extension poles with buckle design can be easily assembled for usage and detached for storage.


  • Long Connection Poles: The roof rake for snow is designed to remove ice and snow from roofs quickly, easily, and effectively. With lengthy pole and nylon grip you will be able to clear snow off your roof in no time.
  • Highly Durable: The Roof Snow Remover is made from premium aluminum materials that are long-lasting and reliable. Its main pipe comes together with both side brackets to form a sturdy triangle, improving its stability.
  • Convenient Design: The 25" wide roof rake with non-slip grip is a convenient way to clear off your roof in one pass. With a wide shovel head, it removes snow efficiently and keeps your roof in pristine condition throughout the winter.


  • Remover Length: 5-20FT
  • Head Length: (25 x 6)" / (63.50 x 15.24)cm (L x W)
  • Weight: 5.5lb / 2.49kg


  • 1x Roof Rake Snow Remover
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