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Portable Home Exercise Parallel Dip Bar Rack Workout Station

Portable Home Exercise Parallel Dip Bar Rack Workout Station

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Portable Home Exercise Parallel Dip Bar Rack Workout Station

Build more core strength and burn more calories with our functional dip bar. This amazing dip station lets you use your weight to efficiently achieve a good dip exercise.

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No need to wait for your turn in using the gym dip stand. Our home dip bar is not only for home use but also portable and can be used conveniently anywhere you feel working out.

Performing a variety of workouts is possible with this simple yet versatile parallel dip bar. Using one piece of equipment, execute different exercises from static holds to leg raises and achieve your dream body easily with our functional dip rack.

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Worry not about your weight being carried safely, this portable dip bar has a load-bearing capacity of up to 500 lbs. This dip bar is also equipped with a non-slip rubber handle for a safe grip during extreme and long reps.


  • Adjustable Height: Our incredible dip station can be adjusted and locked at any height in four levels. Simply use the dip stand bolts and fix the lock in place for a safe dipping exercise.
  • Heavy-Duty Build: Perform carefree lifts with our safe and stable dip bar station. Composed of heavy-duty thick steel material, this home dip bar weighs 12.5kg making it heavy enough and sturdy to stand on its own while it carries your weight.
  • Easy Assembly: Assemble our parallel dip bar easily in three steps. Simply insert the U-shaped steel pipe on the dip rack on the base, plug in the bolts, and tighten with a Torx screw.


  • Bar Length: 20 in
  • Product Weight: 12.5 Kg
  • Product Height: Up to 39”
  • Carrying Capacity: 500 lbs (226 Kg)


  • 2x U-Shaped Dip Exercise Bar
  • 2x Portable Dip Bar Base
  • 4x Torx Screw
  • 4x Lock Bolts
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