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Powerful Handheld Waterproof Gold Beach Metal Detector Set

Powerful Handheld Waterproof Gold Beach Metal Detector Set

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Powerful Handheld Waterproof Gold Beach Metal Detector Set

Discover magical treasures buried beneath the surface with the help of our powerful metal detector. With its highly sensitive sensor, the gold metal detector can detect metal under soil, sand, and even rocks.

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Equipped with a retractable handle, the gold detector can adjust to your height for a comfy treasure hunting experience. Plus, the underwater metal detector is fitted with an arm support to keep it secure at all times.

For a more versatile experience, the waterproof metal detector comes with various functions that adjusts to your exploration needs. Plus, the hand held metal detector is battery powered, so no worries about working with pesky wires.

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Best out of all, the beach metal detector can also be partly submerged so that you can extend your search in wet areas. Enjoy discovering unique treasures by simply powering up our premium professional metal detector.


  • Powerful Sensor: Our amazing metal detector can uncover various types of metals without a hassle. In fact, the gold metal detector has a max depth reach of more than 7 inches.
  • Ergonomic Design: With its versatile handle, the gold detector provides you with a comfy and secure grip. The underwater metal detector is made with your comfort in mind so that you can search for treasure for hours with ease.
  • Waterproof Design - The coil of the waterproof metal detector can be submerged underwater when needed. This way, you can also use the hand held metal detector at the sea shore, in a shallow, pond, or even in puddles.


  • Coil Diameter: 8 11/16" (22 cm)
  • Adjustable Stem: 45 11/16" to 48 7/16" (116 to 123 cm)
  • Max Depth: > 7.09" (18 cm) for a US quarter
  • Power: 2x 9V batteries (Not included)
  • Material: Metal & ABS
  • Weight: 2.42 Lbs (1.1 kg)


  • 1x Beach Metal Detector
  • 1x Manual
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