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Diesel Air Heater For RV

Diesel Air Heater For RV

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Diesel Air Heater For RV

A diesel heater offers a cost effective and reliable way of heating a car interior and de-icing windows. By installing this high-quality RV diesel heater, you can maintain a suitable temperature even when the car engine is off.

van diesel heater

This diesel air heater features a seamless operation even during the coldest of days. With its supreme technology, our portable diesel heater ensures safety, low fuel consumption and the overall efficiency.
When outdoors, you can easily configure this incredible diesel parking heater to suit your heating needs. As a matter of fact, our rv diesel heater ensures perfect temperature at any altitude.

van diesel heater

What’s even better, you can connect this cool diesel air heater to almost all types of vehicles. In fact, you can use this portable diesel heater in your RV or camper.


  • Extremely Safe: With its maximum heating performance, this all new diesel parking heater is a perfect alternative for causing all ice to melt, leaving a clear surface without any obstructions. By defrosting all windows, our diesel heater will give you a clear view hence more safety on the road.
  • Cost Efficient: Built with Automatic Altitude Adjustment Support, this rv diesel heater adjusts the amount of fuel based on the different altitude. Because manual adjustment is no longer needed, this diesel air heater helps save more money from being spent for high altitude kit.
  • Comfy Heating: The portable diesel heater will maintain a comfortable temperature. Thus, you will not shiver or experience frozen hands while driving. After using the diesel parking heater, you won’t need to wear the big and heavy coat when you are in the cabin.


  • Car Air Conditioning Type: Heating
  • Switch: LCD Switch
  • Material: Plastic+Carbon Fiber Look
  • Built-in fuel tank: 5L
  • Rated power: 5~8KW
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Fuel consumption: 0.1L- 0.35L/ hour
  • Remote control effective distance: 100 meters
  • Radiator working temperature: -40~+50°C
  • Operating temperature of oil pump: -40~+40°C
  • Nature: 5-8kw new horizontal liquid crystal


  • 1x Air Heater
  • 1x Air Heater Host
  • 1x LCD key Switch
  • 2x Intake pipe
  • 1x Exhaust pipe
  • 6x Oil pipe joint
  • 1x Oil pump
  • 1x Instructions
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