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Powerful Portable Mini Basement Garage Crawl Space Home Dehumidifier

Powerful Portable Mini Basement Garage Crawl Space Home Dehumidifier

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Powerful Portable Mini Basement Garage Crawl Space Home Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is a beautiful and portable device that absorbs humidity efficiently from air in temperature with humidity into a 8.5 Oz water tank. It covers an area of 350 sq. ft., perfect for small to medium sized rooms and also a basement dehumidifier. With no assembly required, it’s super easy to use with just a push of a button.

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The compact crawl space dehumidifier can be used in offices, bedrooms and bathrooms.This small dehumidifier operates without a compressor and is ideal for dehumidifying small rooms. It has a built-in thermo-electric cooling technology that allows whisper-quiet operation at night and during the day.

This bathroom dehumidifier is equipped with a water level controller, it will automatically shut off when the visualized water is filled with the water tank, and the yellow light will flash to remind you that the water tank needs to be emptied. This is a safe design that you do not worry about the risk of overflow at anytime and you can continue to enjoy the comfort and health after draining the water home dehumidifier.

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This portable dehumidifier will help bring the optimal humidity level and remove bad odors from your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or garage. The mini dehumidifier fits easily in any closet, under your bed or sofa for continuous use.


  • Powerful Dehumidifier: Our garage dehumidifier is ideal for rooms up to 225 sq ft, with an average of 8.5 ounces of water removed per day. Lightweight and portable with a size that can be tucked away in a closet or under the sink, this small room dehumidifier is great for garages and workshops. 
  • Silent Function: The attic dehumidifier has a compressor specially designed to run without noise and vibration. Therefore, quiet operation produces a peaceful atmosphere while you read or sleep. The small dehumidifier consumes less electricity during operation and is easily portable. 
  • Compact Size: This basement dehumidifier is perfect for removing from your home and made to suit all smaller areas. Like all crawl space dehumidifiers, the optimal operating temperature is 59-86°F.


  • Dehumidification Capacity: Approximately 300ml per day at 30C, 85% Relative Humidity
  • Cooling element: Thermo- electric Peltier module
  • Fan: 80mm*80mm DC Brushless motor
  • Power adaptor: Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Output: DC 9V, 2.5A
  • Water level indicator: Change Green to Red LED indicator when water tank is full
  • Product dimension: 154mm (W) * 218mm (H) * 130mm (D)
  • Recommend working environment: Over 15C, over 40% Relative Humidity


  • 1x Small Dehumidifier
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