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Portable Home Fitness Spinning Dance Pole 45mm

Portable Home Fitness Spinning Dance Pole 45mm

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Portable Home Fitness Spinning Dance Pole 45mm

Break prejudice and boost your confidence with our wonderful dance pole. With our portable dance pole, practicing your routines from classes or even freestyle ones can be easier at your home.

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As you refine skills through different routines, your muscle strength and flexibility improve by using this functional dance pole for home. Not only does our premium pole fitness pole for home assist you in toning your body, but the portable dance pole also helps promote good balance, coordination, and even weight loss. 

Mastering your skill on our spinning pole is one thing, but the best part of having such skill is the release of endorphins relieving you from pain and stress. Aside from its physical and mental benefits, performing dancing routines with this freestanding dance pole holistically helps you develop a better sense of self-expression.

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Set up this extraordinary fitness pole with ease and secure the upper dome in place on a solid ceiling, joist, or beam. What's unique about our dance pole is its gradient color coat that appears to change at varying angles of light.


  • Adjustable Length: Our incredible dance pole for home is made to accommodate a varying ceiling heights. Simply adjust the height of the portable dance pole from 7ft to 9.25ft in any room of your liking.
  • Portable Design: Worry not about moving houses, the spinning pole is easy to disassemble making it probable and convenient for transfer. With this feature, this fitness pole doesn't get your money wasted due to its manageable portability.
  • Heavy Duty: Breaking the whole dance pole is beyond impossible. Confidently climb this magnificent dance pole for home, that has a high-grade carrying capacity of 400 lbs.


  • Color: Silver
  • Long Extended Pole: 1.8"(Dia) x 11.2"(H)
  • Main Pole(Connect to the base): 1.8"(Dia) x 41.3"(H)
  • Activity: Fitness
  • Material: Premium chrome steel
  • Adjuster Cover: 2.0"(Dia) x 7.5"(H)
  • Articulating Base: 9.0"(Dia) x 3.1"(H)
  • Main Pole (Connect to the dome): 1.8"(Dia) x 41.3"(H)
  • Top Dome: 15.2"(Dia) x 3.1"(H)
  • Maximum Length: 108"
  • Short Extended Pole: 1.8"(Dia) x 6.4"(H)
  • Features: Portable, Spinning Pole, Telescopic
  • Sport/Activity: Gym & Training, Yoga


  • 1x Main Pole (Connect to the base)
  • 1x Adjuster Cover
  • 1x Articulating Base
  • 1x Main Pole (Connect to the dome)
  • 1x Top Dome
  • 1x Short Extended Pole
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