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Ultra Smart Lightweight Electronic Bidet Toilet Washlet Seat

Ultra Smart Lightweight Electronic Bidet Toilet Washlet Seat

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Ultra Smart Lightweight Electronic Bidet Toilet Washlet Seat

Feel clean and refreshed each time you hop off of the toilet by installing our heavy-duty bidet toilet. Our premium bidet toilet seat offers smart features that your usual toilet seat can't offer.

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Equipped with a versatile water outlet, the combined bidet toilet seat is capable of spraying out both hot and cold water. Plus, the bidet seat can also be set to cater to both male and female users.

Adding to that, the toilet washlet comes with a heated seat that will surely keep you comfy while using it. There's also an option to add air freshseners to the electronic toilet seat so that you can keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day.

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Better yet, the smart toilet bidet is ergonomically designed to give you an overall comfy toilet experience. Give your toilet a much-needed upgrade by equipping it with our premium bidet toilet.


  • High Quality: Our bidet toilet seat is made with heavy-duty polypropylene, making it sturdy enough for daily use. It can carry both children and adults without breaking down.
  • Smart Features: The combined bidet toilet offers features that you won't see on your usual toilet seat. It comes with a seat warming function, a bunch of spraying modes, and many more.
  • Adjustable Settings: Easily adjust the spraying temperature of the bidet seat from hot to cold with its trusty knob dial. There's also an option to choose your preferred water outlet nozzle.


  • Material: polypropylene
  • Color: White


  • 1x Toilet Washlet
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