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Portable Electric Energy Efficient Space Heater

Portable Electric Energy Efficient Space Heater

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Portable Electric Energy Efficient Space Heater

It’s that time of the year when it’s getting chilly and heat is necessary! Do you have large rooms in your houses such as a living room or larger bedrooms to heat? Our portable heater will get the job done!

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This electric space heater has 6 infrared heating elements that will provide even heat distribution throughout your room. These three modes include; eco-friendly, programmable timers, and a set temperature. There are multiple heat settings for anyone's liking that are accessible from a remote control.

Having anything slightly concerning in a room is nerve-wracking with children or pets, especially something that dispenses heat. This portable electric heater has great safety features that include a cool-to-the-touch design, an overheat shut-off, and a tip-over switch and child lockout.

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The fireproof cabinet allows the energy efficient space heater to be cool to the touch. These safety features will prevent unwanted accidents in your home. Being comfortable in your home during the winter months is important.


  • Multiple Settings: This portable room heater has 3 heat settings on it, including energy efficiency, a programable timer, and a set temperature that’s controlled. The set timer has a 12-hour count-up timer.
  • Powerful: 6 quartz of infrared heating elements on this portable indoor heater disperse the heat evenly throughout the room without drying out the air but giving it a warm, cozy comfortable feel.
  • Great Safety Features: This portable heater for home will give you a worry-free feeling with having children or pets in your home. It has a fireproof cabinet on it so when touching it that it’s cool to the touch. There is a child lockout so that it’s not accessible to a child. It won’t ever overheat because it has a shut-off mode allowing that to not happen.


  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Power: 1,000 watts (5,118 BTUs)/1,500 watts (3,412 BTUs);
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 11.42 x 13.58 x 14.41 inches.
  • AAA Batteries are not included for the remote control.


  • 1x Portable Heater
  • 1x Remote (batteries not included)

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